Sharon Lieuw-Sjong

Future-proof Business Strategist, Mentor and financial literacy advocate

Hi! I am Sharon Lieuw-Sjong, MSc, founder of a boutique strategic consultancy firm Future-Proof Strategist and a financial literacy movement Pichiri – Sabí ku Sèn. Both businesses are growing faster than I could have ever imagined, but if you would tell me only two years ago that I would found & run two successful businesses I would have called you crazy.

In 2020 my life changed drastically when I want from leading a team of 200+ people, to becoming unexpectantly unemployed from one day to the next. Little did I know that this lowest point in my life became the set-up for new heights. And that was only possible when I started owning my narrative. What started out as a mess, was turned into a message. 

I am looking forward to sharing with you how you can turn whatever has happened to you is keeping you stuck, into your steppingstone for your next level.